Why choose freelance

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Why do we go freelance? Having decided to be involved in remote work? There are some reasons:

  • Lack of money
  • Prestige of freelance
  • You can’t get another job
  • You do something you enjoy
  • Freelance as a lifestyle

Let’s go deep in each of the reasons:

You are sorely in need of money, debts are growing and having looked up and down the internet in search of easy and accessible earnings you found the freelance exchange. That’s it. Yes, you’ve always felt a bit creative and even showed it to your family or colleagues, of course, not without success. You create accounts on all major freelance exchange sites and start taking small projects and fill in your portfolio at the remaining time from work. Everything seems perfect, it’s hard to fault but the client for whatever reason is returning the project for completion over and over again, you face criticism or even outright ruddiness from the colleagues on forums. Why? Get into mind that the quality of your works, which are done anyhow and on occasions, the way you communicate and your status show you as a guest who ran in, grabbed something, sometimes even being unable to make head of it and disappeared again.

Let’s face it, after eight-hour day’s work your creativity is somewhere far away. But, in the morning you’ve taken a project as well as an advance — oh, oh .. And so you hand in the project anyhow and having taken a nap for an hour, rush to your main job. Is it difficult? But a fat lot of good. And many freelancers don’t even bother to perform the task, they delete accounts and goodbye!

Well, what to say here, if you want to be unpopular with freelancing circles – go for it! And don’t think that freelancing is an easy way. No.

Yes, being a freelancer sounds dignified; even the pros would agree with it if you do your job to a high standard. But for most, freelancing is nothing more than a word. Lots of freelancers having just registered on freelance exchange sites are ready to number themselves among the chosen. But to become really prestigious and recognizable you have to work hard and deserve it.

In the west freelancers are treated with respect, people believe that freelancer pursues his goals against all odds and designs his own life in the way he wants and ultimately deserves.

In Russia a freelancer is most often considered as unemployed, doing odd jobs. Yes, there are heaven-born freelancers who are really dignified that even heads of states have nothing against work with them. But there are very few.

So, freelance is a prestigious and worthy job only if it provides high quality works, and accordingly well compensated.

Very often we are faced with such problems as there’s no possibility to make money. Those who are used to have traditional employment, for example, in an office or at a company are horrified at the thought that they simply would have nothing to eat and nothing to pay for lodging. These people while hearing the word freelance are often completely at a loss. Freelancing seems so strange to these people that 90% can’t understand what freelance is about. People in this category consider freelancing as something frivolous and useless.

Every moment the real freelancer is ready that he will not be in demand in his area of expertise, so that is why he tries to master the new heights, not looking for easy ways and to become a professional in the field which is the most popular at the time.

And if you decided to succeed in freelancing, get ready for the flow of negativity, distrust and sometimes open aggression from peers and clients. Of course, it’s not all that terrible but ability to handle stress and insistence are essential qualities the freelancer has to have. Also, you have to negotiate, solve big and small problems and many other things. So consider all pros and cons a hundred times.

This is really great if you like your job. You are a lucky man. After all, if you undertake a task with the feeling, the output is an excellent result. And for a well done work you get a good payment. Let the jealous call you a maniac of freelancing or workaholic. Ignore it.

You realize your potential and achieve planned with ease when you put life into your work and work in one breath!

People for whom freelance is a lifestyle, never limit themselves or set any boundaries. They can’t have a boss and loose valuable time in the office. The real freelancers would not exchange their freedom of choice and sometimes crummy gigs to another job even with fabulous salaries. These freelancers are free and independent; they don’t care what «the real hard workers» think about them. They know the value of their time, their money.

So, freelancing as a lifestyle is an essential part of a person who doesn’t get used to take orders and set limits to himself.

When we make professional business decisions in life, it is pivotal that we get the timing right. In today’s article, we’ll learn a few tips to get this timing right.

The moment we choose one type of these two earning resources, we start to think about switching to the other. It is not because the choice was wrong or we didn’t think about it enough, it is just a matter of calculations. Today you’ll learn how to measure yourself for being good for a permanent job, or for becoming a freelancer.


Before I can go deep in this topic, let me just describe the perks and drawbacks of both these kinds of money earning resources.

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  • Guaranteed Check at the end of the month
  • You might not have to work in the late hours as sometimes freelancers have to in order to stay in the market.
  • You start earning from the first day of the job
  • No investment required to open an office, or buy some infrastructure
  • Have to stick with the schedule
  • Your boss can be bossy and nosy (and they usually are)
  • Can’t take a break or leave whenever you want
  • If you are really good, you won’t reach the top as rapidly as you might while being a freelancer.

I don’t want to repeat everything, in short, the disadvantages of a job become the “advantages” here, and the advantages become the “disadvantages”.

When you are at the early stages of your career, regardless of the profession you have chosen, you must start off with a job, simple as that.

There are just too many reasons why I recommend this, let me point out a few.

Obviously the most important one would be to gain experience. When you are entering the mainstream corporate market, you should not only be equipped with bookish knowledge but also practical experience. And as they say, even studies could not match the value of experience.

A job will not only polish up your skills, but it would also teach you teamwork and communication skills. It will guide you to be patient and determined. You will have competition in the job, this competition will teach you to perform your tasks, efficiently and quickly.

If doing a job is such a good idea and it teaches you so many things for your on-work and off-work duties, why and when should one become a freelancer? Here’s the answer. Look at the list below which describes the qualities that in my opinion are necessary for a successful freelancer.

You need to be very enthusiastic, always looking up, aiming high and willing to work harder than anybody else to reach to top. Sitting alone doing nothing should make you angry with yourself.

A freelancer cannot be successful until he is a multi-dimensional personality. If you just good at one job, the one you do and not a good speaker, don’t have convincing powers and marketing skills and also leadership skills, somebody less talented than you might be more successful.

There is no best, but you should be good at the job. If you bag some praise now and then and more than anything else, you feel that you are good at it and you enjoy doing it, then you are destined to be successful as a freelancer.

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This is the tricky part, if you are doing a job, you must not leave it before becoming somewhat successful. Take your freelance business as part time and don’t lose your focus from your job.

Another point is that you should consult with the people sincere to you, about the freelance business you are starting, but also remember that you should not try to make everyone happy. There will be suggestions that you will have to turn down. The recipe to disaster is to try to make everyone happy.

Start off with a job, don’t care about the money, care about the skill.

Explore yourself and find out that where would you excel, being a freelancer or doing a job.

If you are good to become a freelancer, then make the switch, but make it the right way.

A common question among people who are considering freelancing is why one would even go with the profession. Many think that it’s risky being a freelancer, which is true to a certain extent as being a freelancer is close to starting up your own business.

As a freelancer your success is based on how much work you put into your work. You don’t have a boss or any colleagues to blame your own shortcomings on. While some see this as a downside since it means that all risk goes on you, I personally love it since any success you gain is based a 100% on your own effort.

One can actually adapt a similar mind as one would before starting up their own business. Make sure that you plan properly before trying to get customers. This way you can prevent broken deadlines and unclear orders from the customer.

So starting up in freelancing might not be the easiest task but it has it’s upsides which makes it all worth it. For starters, you set your own schedule. Personally I don’t work 9-5 or so. If I am free when I get an order in I tend to get it done as fast as I can, this way I can clear up my time for other things. Now if I already have orders stocked up, I simply start once my morning coffee is prepped, usually around 6-7 AM. I then work for two-three hours which usually clears up the rest of the day. If I have any remaining orders or get more during the day, my next “shift” tends to start around 1 PM and last until 3-4 PM. Now this is quite close to being a regular 9-5 schedule but with a longer lunch. The reason for this is that my orders come in during the night, due to the fact that I live in Sweden and about 70% of my customers are from the US. But I could do all the work at late evenings if I wanted to, it’s all up to me after all.


Now a second really good thing with being a freelancer is the salary. I know there are some freelancers who struggle with paying their bills, however this all depends on how much work you’re willing to take. After all, the amount of orders you get depends on how the quality of your work is. If you’re known for delivering high quality work in a short time, you’re bound to get a lot of orders. Because if it’s one thing that will decide how much success you have as a freelancer it’s your reputation. A good reputation leads to a high salary while a bad reputation leads to a low or non-existant salary.

A third amazing thing with being a freelancer is the one thing most freelancers forget, the possibilities you get from your work. Most of us have probably experienced the tough situation of searching for a job. It can be quite a killing experience for many, especially for the ones that are younger without a bunch of work experience. That’s where freelancing can open new paths for you.

Personally I am involved with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and such. I am quite open about my work and have quite a good reputation as a translator and copywriter. This has led to a lot of job offers dimping down in my mailbox and in my e-mail.

Yes, being a freelancer and marketing yourself as one will get you job offers. Companies that are in the same or similar field as you will get their eyes on you, especially if they lose clients to you. They will then realise the advantage of having someone like yourself in the company. I have so far not accepted any of these offers as the salary tends to be about 25% less than what I make from my freelancing but if I ever want to settle down and have a more solid salary then I know I wont have to look far to get one.

On top of that, being a freelancer is something you can actually add to your CV (curriculum vitae). If you have a lot of experience as one and actually made a good income many employers will see this as a huge plus on a CV. Why? Well being a freelancer means you’re ambitious, driven, smart, self going and that you don’t limit yourself to what an employment office offers. This is a huge plus that can actually be a deciding factor if an employer has to choose between you and someone else!

So why choose freelancing? After reading this, why would you not choose to be a freelancer?

For me, when I started freelancing full-time, it was (somewhat) the case of following others, more than anything else.What struck me most was the ease with which freelancers work, especially, if one could get everything done with the Internet and a computer. But if that’s the only reason you want to become a freelancer then you’re in for a bad time.

Earlier we had an article about 9 things you should know about going into full-time freelancing, and if you have read it you would know that despite what freelancing has to offer, it’s not a career path for everyone. It’s not that we are discouraging you from taking up freelancing (full-time or partime), in fact the point of this article is to give you reasons why you should give it a go.

The first reason why you should try freelancing is…

Many individuals are just born creative and talented. They usually have a great desire to exhibit skills in some form, yet in a normal desk job, it’s rare that they could ever find a platform to showcase their talent.

(Image Source: Fotolia)

For instance, a designer working in a software firm may come across a great design idea, but there isn’t really a chance to try the idea out since he has to work within the confines of his job scope or the project requirements. In most cases, even if he were to suggest that the team tries his new idea, more often than not, it’s just “not the right time to try something so new” – give me a show of hands if you have heard this.

In this case, you can put your idea to good use in freelance: produce a good sample and put it in your portfolio, or keep the idea in your “Idea Book” for a chance to try it out in the future, or just go all out and make it, then feature it in design websites or enter it into competitions.

There is no dearth of individuals who spend more than half their life grumbling about low pay in their jobs. No matter what salary you draw every month, it usually runs out way too early. If your job isn’t taking too many hours out of your day, you can use your spare time to work on freelance projects.

It’s a win-win situation: you get to keep your job and your benefits, and you can find potential clients for freelance work from your network of acquaintances.

There are many companies that prefer to engage freelancers rather than employ a full time in-house artist, designer, developer or writers. You can take advantage of that and earn yourself some extra pocket money in the process.

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Freelancing prepares you for a professional career ahead. It also harnesses your skills, and for those who catch on fast and who are willing to learn new things, the sky is the limit.


In the beginning, however, you may find that things may advance slower than expected. It’s not easy to convince someone to try something new, let alone pay for a freelancer who has yet to make a name of himself (or herself). But as you build your clientele list and become an expert in your field, things will indefinitely become way easier.

This opens up the opportunity to really do something you love (if you aren’t already doing it) and in this career choice, you can have a part in making the rules.

This is what makes freelancing an attractive option to pursue, and the crucial factor that makes everyone want to fill in ‘freelancer’ as their occupation.

For starters, there are plenty of ways you can save on working from home: transportation expenses, money for gas (or petrol depending on where you come from), the time spent getting to and from work, buying lunch and other work-related expenses.

If you work from home, you’ll only need:

  • a stable Wi-Fi connection
  • a (cell)phone number or video conference tool
  • an email account and possibly a printer (if invoicing on paper is still your thing)

The (probably) best thing to come out of this is that there will be no more meetings, office politics and drama from the workplace. You get to focus on just getting the work done and be paid for just that.

Those who have worked in the office know how hard it is for them to get their days-off approved from the bosses. It’s different for freelancers. Provided that you have completed your project, simiply don’t accept any new assignment for a self-imposed break from work. Pack your bags and slip to your favourite destination with your family or friends.

(Image Source: Fotolia)

If there comes a need to get back to work – a.k.a. an emergency – just whip out your laptop or smartphone and you can continue as if you have never left. It is up to you to make it your vacation fun, you get to decide where you want to tune in or tune out.

Bear in mind that you need to have self-discipline to pull through, the kind of discipline that was imposed on you at the workplace. You can always be more more lenient with yourself, nonetheless and by having proper time management and knowing where to set your boundaries, there’s no stopping you.

So there you have it, five simple reasons why you should give freelancing a try. Are you all hyped up and going “this is so the life for me”, hold your horses. You might want to check out tomorrow’s post. Remember to tune in tomorrow.

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Freelancing has gone main stream. Employers rely more and more on independent workers to sustain and grow their businesses. Freelancers of different age groups exist in all kinds of professions with varied expertise and experience. Gone are the days when freelancers were considered to be either “a euphemism for being unemployed or for being a slacker dude hanging out at a cafe with a laptop”. Freelancers are now a large part of the universal workforce and their numbers are increasing day by day. Large numbers of employed professionals are turning freelancers as the lure of flexible working hours, independence and higher earning potential is on the rise.

Any number of reasons can be given for a professional to become a freelancer but some of the most highlighted ones are these.

1. Flexibility : Flexibility is a large boon in a freelancers lifestyle. It makes you work – life balance more flexible than what a traditional job can provide. A recent survey shows that the flexible schedule is more important than salary to many the new generation workforce. As a freelancer you are your own boss and make your own hours and work on projects you like.

2. Networking: When in a traditional job you are limited to your working environment and settling with the limited networking opportunities allowed by the nature of your job. Freelance project developers have no such limitations as they can work with anyone and anywhere as they choose. This gives them the chance to hone their skills and get associated with other experts from various parts of the globes as well as interact with a wide variety of customers and projects.

3. Gain Experience: Freelance Programmers can work on a wide variety of projects and thus gain valuable knowledge and experience. Each project will be a challenge and different from the last and it beats the monotony of a traditional job.

4. Work from Home: Work from home is a concept that is being promoted by many MNC’s for the sole purpose of saving on space and infrastructure required for employees but they still have a lot of rules and regulations attached. Freelancing gives you the added advantage of working from home, at whatever time you choose and best of all “NO Dress Code”.

5. Added Income: Initially the income and career progress might be slow for a Freelance project Developer but with experience and good client base you invariable earn more than what a traditional job offers. Some freelancers do hold a traditional job and supplement their income with freelance projects.

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The studio is a team of the website’s developers including designers and webmasters needed at different stages of the process.

Cons of cooperation with a web studio:

  • The cost of creating a site by a studio is higher than if you choose a freelancer.
  • Project implementation period is longer. But this is due to the fact that the web studios use more careful approach to the process of developing the site. They have several stages of interaction between the performers and also obligations to other clients.

Pros of cooperation with a web studio:

  • The main thing is professionalism supported by a systematic approach to the development process and extensive experience in implementation of various projects.
  • A significant advantage in collaboration with a studio is the contract conclusion. So, you protect yourself from fraud at the law level.
  • As a rule, all the processes of the site development are regulated and documented. Consequently, you will always be able to know in advance the deadline for each development stage, and its cost.


After all, what should it be?

You cannot claim with certainty that creating sites is best to be entrusted to the studios or that freelancers would manage this task more efficiently. It should be approached from the point of view of the project magnitude and complexity of implementation. If you want to feel the comprehensive protection and be confident in the professionalism, choose a company. Thus, you’re employing an experienced team that ensures quality results. Of course, the cost to hire web designer would be lower but sometimes you should pay more today to earn more in the future.

If I’ve convinced you and now you’re wondering how to choose a web design company , follow the tips below.

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Web design firms tend to charge higher fees when compared to freelance web designers. On the other hand, freelance web designers do not offer certain major services. Choosing a web design firm over a freelancer depends on your budget and business. Nonetheless, web design firms and freelancers both have their pros and cons, but choosing between the two can be tricky. Therefore, we are sharing the major reasons why it is better to choose a professional web design firm rather than a freelance web designer.

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When you realize that you have a great product idea, your wings grow. But you shouldn’t forget what lies ahead. Before you begin the most difficult process – product development – you must make a decisive choice: Who will you trust to bring your idea to life?

As each project is different, there’s no single answer as to whether freelancers or web designing are the “better” choice. We find that the choice between a freelancer and a company is often made difficult by a lack of understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Freelancer

A freelancer is a person who has a specific set of marketable skills. A freelancer either works for various companies as a contractor, or has their own clients and is self-employed. An independent contractor mostly works from home (or any other place she feels cozy).

Pros of Hiring a Freelancer

Cons of Hiring a Freelancer

  • They Can Disappear. Freelancers are typically working on several projects at the same time, so one day they can suddenly become ghosts. You need to make sure they’re available on your schedule, not theirs. They may be great when they’re available, but be prepared with a Plan B in case they’re not. It’s pretty hard to fully control a freelancer.
  • Confidentiality Issues. While this problem isn’t very common, there are still industries and companies in which issues of confidentiality mean that it is difficult to work with freelancers. Of course, you can ask that freelancers sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), but you’ll still have to weigh up the risks.
  • Not Every Freelancer Cares About Your Product’s Quality. Not all freelancers run their business to get returning clients. Your company’s individual success may not be their top priority.
  • Organization Skills Can Be Lacking. If you’re not going to manage your project, keep in mind that while freelancers may be good at their work, they’re not always great at planning and organizing their own work processes. This can lead to problems with meeting deadlines.
  • No Further Maintenance. Freelancers completing a project and then leaving it is typical. So in case bugs appear, you may have to look for other people to fix them.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Web Designing Company

A web designing company is a team of professionals that usually consists of passionate designers, developers, project managers, writers, and QAs, and offers professional full-cycle services from consulting to product maintenance.

Pros of Hiring a Web Designing Company

Cons of Hiring a Software Development Company

  • Higher Rates. We find higher rates to be the most realistic disadvantage of hiring a professional web designing team over a freelancer. Freelancers are indeed cheaper; a company’s services nearly always cost more. However, company rates strongly depend on the region. Indians are famous for their low-cost development services. Companies from Western Europe and the US will cost you a fortune. There’s a reason why so many successful startups choose to work with companies in Eastern Europe. This region’s IT industry is quickly evolving, and you can hire experienced and skilled developers for reasonable rates. It’s far better to find a reliable developer with middling prices than to accept the cheapest offer. You get what you pay for: a low-ball offer will mean a cut-rate product. Make sure you get the quality you need.

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